8Cast for SAP Gateway

The SAP Gateway is the recommended platform for exposing SAP application functionality to OData web services.  SAP provides the gateway platform where clients can customize OData services and map them to back-end functionality within their SAP applications.  The SAP Gateway allows organizations to reuse existing business logic from their ABAP applications in more modern user interface.  The Vinyl™ platform connects natively to OData services, so the SAP Gateway is the recommended approach for integrating SAP applications to the Vinyl platform.


The SAP Gateway can require  a significant amount of customization, mapping and code development.  Each business function must be mapped to an OData function and configured in the SAP Gateway.  For this reason, 8TRACK developed a preconfigured adapter to expose common SAP data objects to Vinyl through the SAP Gateway.

8Cast for SAP Gateway3

8CAST for SAP Gateway exposes SAP data for consumption in Vinyl without any additional development.  All SAP tables are exposed over OData for full read access.  Custom SAP tables are available for full CRUD operations(Create, Replace, Update, Delete).  Full sort, search, and filter are enabled to allow users to navigate and search seamlessly across this data.

8CAST for SAP Gateway removes the need to create custom oData services for list boxes, read only applications, and for full maintenance of your custom tables.   The 8Track SAP oData interface enables Vinyl to perform list table caching to further improve performance and user experience.  Field conversions are automatic removing the need for conversions in the UI and language dependent text fields are automatically defined as part of the SAP tables improving performance and ease of development.  Standard SAP security is honored while oAuth2 allows single sign on in your enterprise and the cloud.
8Cast for SAP Gateway is fully compatible with all other standard or custom SAP oData services that you expose.  Simply determine and list the SAP tables that you require and they are available within the Vinyl framework.  With over 44,000 Check tables in SAP, your development time and development costs will be dramatically reduced due to the automation and simplicity that our connector brings.

Increase your SAP gateway ROI with the 8Cast for SAP Gateway.