The New Enterprise

The New Enterprise runs applications that are interconnected, flexible, fast-moving

The New Enterprise runs applications that are interconnected, flexible, fast-moving. Its corporate systems work on any device. They interoperate. It is able to tailor the out-of-box screens to its specific business flow. The New Enterprise never stops innovating and creating new IT solutions. Its workforce is always facing forward because the back office “just works” and the IT organization is free to adapt and improve.

But too many large organizations are still waiting to join the party. Traditional applications offer mobility… but they still require additional licenses, servers, configuration and testing. Yesterday’s solutions allow customized screens… but only if you have developers that can write a few thousand lines of code. And meanwhile too many people are still keying the same information into two or three applications whose integration is not quite as “seamless” as hoped.

With 8TRACK solutions, we will start your IT revolution today. You do not need to consolidate any systems or build any interfaces or write any more code.  8TRACK develops applications on a revolutionary new framework that provides tailored user interface for any application, on any technology, running on any device. 8TRACK applications connect to any number of existing back-end systems and provide a modern, unified experience for your workforce.


At 8TRACK, we call this concept “lite integration”. You do not need to convert your existing systems from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or Salesforce.com. You do not need to consolidate those platforms onto a single global instance. You do not have to write complex interfaces to pass data between them. Instead, 8TRACK applications will sit on top of your existing application and provide a tailored user interface experience that spans each of these back-end silos without modifying existing systems. The end user does not need to know or care when they leave the “Oracle” screens and start using the “SalesForce” screens because the entire experience crosses traditional application boundaries.

Traditional vendors create new “mobile silos” to match their back-end application silos. Users are forced to switch between a “Salesforce” mobile application and an “SAP” mobile application and a “Workday” mobile application. 8TRACK breaks down these barriers regardless of the consuming device. Our applications work “out of the box” in a device-independent manner, so we create the same unified “cross-platform” experience for mobile and the PC.

8TRACK will get you started immediately and will have your first applications created within 90 days..

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