Stay on Track

8TRACK can keep your applications moving with our “Stay on Track” solution

8TRACK can keep your applications moving with our “Stay on Track” solution. For a flat monthly fee we will manage your 8TRACK applications: hardware, platform, security, support, enhancements— you name it! This frees your team to focus on the ideas and services that drive your business forward.

IT organizations typically manage their enterprise applications in two modes. During “project development” mode, the technical teams unleash their creativity and implement new systems. During “maintenance” mode, the focus shifts to user support and cost reduction. Innovation is limited during “maintenance” mode. By definition, this mode constrains the ability of organizations to continuously adapt.

But what if the music never has to stop? With “Stay On Track” Solution, 8TRACK provides continuous development. We manage infrastructure, support and enhancements all for one flat fee.  We make it simple and quick to extend your 8TRACK application with three new screens or to adjust the workflow model in your application.  We encourage ongoing innovation and will manage the enhancements required to tailor your applications to ever-changing business needs.

“Stay On Track” includes managed support, development, and enhancements that you request to your applications. You do not need to buy any other support services. Our pricing is “sized” depending upon the complexity of your organization and the scope of your needs. If you only have a few simple applications then you can use our “Micro” plan. If you have complex needs that span multiple enterprise data sources, then consider our “Medium” or “Large” plan.



We have never had an unsatisfied client at 8TRACK Solutions. And, we are so confident in our capabilities, that we offer a 100% guarantee for the “Stay on Track” Solution.

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