Get On Track

8TRACK will get your company running custom applications within 90 days

8TRACK will get your company running custom applications within 90 days. We create working solutions from your best ideas before other providers can finish writing specifications.

You have ideas for enterprise applications that will make your business more efficient, reduce costs, or extend its reach. Now you can implement all of these ideas. You never have to turn down an IT project because it is too expensive or too time consuming, or both.

In the old world of application development, ideas would have a six-to-seven figure IT project—and would consume months or years. At 8TRACK, new applications are developed in weeks for an all-inclusive flat-fee.  All of our applications are built on the revolutionary  Vinyl™ platform so they work on any device and on any back-end platform.

8TRACK will deliver a working prototype within two weeks and a fully functional application within four weeks. Your team/users then have another two months to test and request enhancements—so the application truly fits their needs. We guarantee successful delivery within 90 days.


“Get On Track” is a fixed flat fee that is all-inclusive for the first 90 days. It includes license fees, development, enhancements and support. You do not need to buy any other software or services.

Our pricing is “sized” depending upon the complexity of your organization and the scope of your needs. If you only have a few simple applications, use our MICRO plan. If you have complex needs spanning multiple enterprise data sources, our MEDIUM or LARGE plan would be discussed.

We have never had an unsatisfied client at 8TRACK Solutions! We offer a 100% guarantee for the “Get on Track” solution. You are under no obligation if you are not completely satisfied within the 90-day period.