Application Composition

With 8TRACK applications, you keep the best aspects of your existing enterprise applications and we “fix” the rest. We call this approach “Enterprise Application Composition.” You keep the data model and business logic from your current landscape; there is no need for expensive conversions or system replacement projects. 8TRACK composes a unified user experience “on top of” those applications that truly “fits” your current business needs using a revolutionary rapid development platform.

Large organizations typically have a “love/hate” relationship with their enterprise systems. Packaged applications work well at centralizing information and providing back-end business functions such as:

• Sales Order Pricing
• Material Requirements Planning
• Time Management & Payroll

But, off-the-shelf systems usually cause indifference or frustration when considering:

• User experience
• Redundant data entry
• Application-to-Application Integration
• Mobility

With 8TRACK you keep the best of your current applications while revolutionizing your user experience. Why reinvent the wheel by coding a new payroll system or pricing procedure? What if you could keep your existing systems and still give your work force a unified platform that has simple screens tailored to their needs? You want this platform to span CRM, HCM, PLM, ERP and other back-end systems. Your users should be able to login once and gain access to all the information they need to do their job.

8TRACK applications allow just this. We “mix” the business logic from existing back-end systems into a perfect flow—somewhat like making a “playlist” of system interactions that perfectly match your business process. And, no code required.


Because 8TRACK applications “sit on top” of your existing applications, they reuse all of your current functionality, while providing a revolutionary user interface that is cross-platform and device independent.

8TRACK’s approach to application composition is a conversion free solution that represents a revolution in the industry. Every other enterprise-software vendor will promise that a “modern user experience” is just one more conversion around the corner. According to these vendors, your business will finally run efficiently after you convert from your on-premise solution to some new SAAS application—or, after you buy some fast, database engine with better user interface options.

But conversions are time-consuming, high-risk, and expensive. Industry reports indicate an average 2-5 year development timeframe and an average $70M price tag for enterprise conversions. And, even with this time and money investment, there is no guarantee that the new “packaged system” will be a better fit for your business than the old packaged system.

Enterprise Application Composition, on the other hand, allows you to skip the system conversion and revolutionize your existing systems in the process.

8TRACK gets you started immediately and can have your first applications created in 2-3 months—instead of 2-3 years!

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